TGS Baltic team has prepared a Study on Minority Shareholder Protection for the European Commission DG Justice and Consumers

09 / 18

The TGS Baltic team has prepared a remarkable study on Minority Shareholder Protection. The publication was released in January 2018 and will assist the European Commission DG Justice and Consumers in assessing the EU approach to the policy on minority shareholder protection. The Study has revealed large array of comprehensive findings. One of the general findings is that legal frameworks all over the EU are designed to ensure that the shareholders are not susceptible to unfair or abusive treatment, balancing their rights with the size of their economic investment.

The Study delivers assessment of each and every EU Member State’s legal framework with respect to minority shareholder protection, engages comprehensive focus on all principal categories of minority shareholder rights, and aspires to enable the policymakers at EU level to obtain a clearer picture of the Member States’ hard laws, soft laws, as well as established case law with respect to minority shareholder protection. It identifies the gaps, inconsistencies and incompatibilities in the legal frameworks of the Member States and provides input for the Commission’s ongoing work on monitoring corporate governance developments within the EU.

Large team of TGS Baltic lawyers was involved in the project. TGS Baltic Partner Mindaugas Civilka acted in the core team of the Study project, while TGS Baltic Partners Agnius Pilipavičius, Associate Partner Neringa Gražinytė, Senior Associates Irma Juškauskaitė and Mantas Gofmanas, Associates Indrė Vickaitė-Liatukė, Marius Dapkus, Vytis Grybauskas, contributed to the Study as reviewers and national reporters; Junior Associates Lina Šiaučiukėnė and Audronė Katiliūtė were involved as editorial coordinators of the Study.

In performing the task, the authors also relied on a Europe-wide network of experts that includes legal experts from all the Member States.

Full publication may be found at