The town of Loksa, Nõo municipality and Luunja municipality escaped forced merger

07 / 17

The firm’s lawyers led by Triin Raudsepp successfully represented Nõo municipality, Luunja municipality and the town of Loksa in dealings with the government regarding the forced merger proposed by the government.

On July 6, the government decided that Nõo municipality and Luunja municipality will continue as independent municipalities. An exception was also made to the town of Loksa already on June 15.

TGS Baltic has been questioning the constitutional aspects of the administrative reform since 2016. Under the leadership of Paul Varul, TGS Baltic represented twenty-three municipalities in the Supreme Court, stating the reform violates the constitutional rights of municipalities in too many points. In December 2016, the Supreme Court made a very favorable decision in the main matter of the Administrative Reform Act, agreeing that the requirement of 5000 inhabitants is not decisive, and there are also other criteria demonstrating administrative capacity.

TGS Baltic will continue to represent the ten municipalities disputing the forced merger decision against the government in the administrative court.

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Paul Varul
Triin Raudsepp
Vitali Šipilov